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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Silver

So, it looks like you just got the game or are relatively new. Now you don't know what to do. You see all these crazy options, an Item Shop, Rocket Pass, Garage Profile, Settings, and Quit. TAKE MY ADVICE, unless you want to be uncontrollably sucked into hundreds if not thousands of hours of Car Soccer, hit that QUIT button and never open the game again. However, if you're ready to indulge yourself with new content, controls, and physics unlike any game you have played before, countless emotional roller coasters, and many gaming memories / new friendships to be made then keep on reading and let's get into this journey!

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Training Packs:

RL Preset training - Striker & Aerial - PRO
0D9C-60FB-5E12-1D4D -Bes
t Shots For Silver
2D89-9321-42D2-48BA - General Gameplay
741F-3D87-388D-0B71 - Basic Shots

D1A8-0CDB-808C-29A2 - Basic Wall Defence

87E7-773A-CBE5-B2C3 - Basic Wall Clears

Using The Walls
The wall, a forbidden place when entering this rank. But yet, there are so many possibilities and mechanics to be discovered if you step out of your comfort zone and attempt to spend some more time on the walls. Low level wall play can separate you from your opponents. Learning how the camera reacts when transitioning onto the wall can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like the camera has a mind of its own and the next thing you know your falling from the ceiling......again. Hop into some freeplay / training packs and learn how to use the wall to your advantage.


When in freeplay I recommend toggling ball cam on/off during these drills. This will help you get a better understanding of how your car is moving and how it will respond to your controls while in a game. The more you practice, the more efficient you will become. The next thing you know, you're going to be getting a call from Sony asking to be the main character in the next spider man movie.

Using Boost Properly
The earlier you learn this one simple tip, the better off you will be. This mistake even Grand Champs make! What do you think takes priority, the ball or the boost? If you said boost, you're probably a Silver. I get it, the boost makes you go fast, VROOM VROOM. However, if the ball is in the back of your net because you wanted to get the boost pad, then you're going to be down a goal.


There are more boost pads than just the 100% boost pad. If you are running low, pick up those small pads, they fill your boost meter quickly once you learn where they are on the field. Save boost by flipping, 3 flips = supersonic. Once you get supersonic, stop boosting! Your wasting it...


Its time to stop driving in circles, BIG CIRCLES. You're going to have to start utilizing your power slide button. I recommend binding it to your air roll button to make your life easier down the road. Why do this? Well, you never power slide and air roll at the same time. Once you start to practice power sliding, you will be able to turn quicker which will help you in so many different situations.


The better you get with power sliding, the more more advanced mechanics you can learn. Down the road you can use power sliding to have faster recoveries, and even use them with your dribbling.

Avoid Ball Chasing

We get it, you're getting excited, your skills are slowly getting better and you WANT TO PLAY! You have spent a few hours in training and you want show the world what you are capable of. Guess what, the world doesn't care that you are able to hit the ball 4/10 tries as you drive in big circles, hunting the ball down and unintentionally being a solo player over and over again!


However, you will get a lot more support from the community if you are being a supportive teammate and positively impacting the outcome of the game. Sit back, focus on your position making sure your not cutting your teammate off and don't be on top of the ball every moment of the game.


If you can use comms in a game, it will greatly reduce the odds of chasing or double committing. Being on the same page as your teammates can change the flow of the game.

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