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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Platinum

Well look at that, you have come a long way my young padawan. You're INSANE, but... you still need a few adjustments to get you in that Supersonic Legend Lobby. Okay... you need a lot more than "a few" tips and tricks. But, don't give up! You have progressed so far, you're now out of those generic ranks; bronze, silver, and gold. You're above them now. With these tips below, you can reach diamond, champ, and grand champ by next week. Well... If you're a smurf. But if you're like everyone else here, it's going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before you're able to achieve the "Elite Titles". You have A LOT to work on before you reach the next rank of Diamond. Let's get started!

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Training Packs:

BE6A-1460-F594-93A9 - Ground Shots

9F6D-4387-4C57-2E4B - Off Wall Hits

41EF-44EB-E664-DBFD - Variety Pack

FD5C-8C92-D02F-C569 - Wall Shots

07E1-81BC-DD2E-BF8C - Backboard Reads

9EF6-3C57-C7BD-96C8 - Shadow Defense

BFF5-2F90-5E7C-B9CD - Ultimate Dribbling Pack

No sane human being wants to play 1s. It is the most frustrating playlist you can play... or not play, like most of the RL community. If you are able to just keep calm and collective, you can learn soooo much from 1s. The most important part of 1s is knowing that every mistake you make, you will get punished. You're forced to get better at dribbling and keeping close to the ball or face the consequences of getting scored on over and over again. This is important because learning from your mistakes and learning the fundamentals from 1s are key to your success in all playlists.

Playing Faster

You're going to start getting into "higher" level game play, the games are going to speed up and you need to be able to react fast enough to keep up. One drill you can do in freeplay is to hit the ball against the side of the wall over and over, trying to be fast with each touch. Like volleyball; do this over and over until you get comfortable and faster.

Stop coming to a dead stop. If you come to a stop, you will lose all your momentum and its much harder to react to any situation. Faster Recoveries - Look at diamond - it has a list lots of recovery methods.

When you play faster, you're going to make mistakes. Thats ok. If you're making mistakes that means you're able to learn from them. I'd be more concerned if you said you were not making any mistakes and your rank is platinum. This would mean that you are not getting out of your comfort zone and your not challenging yourself. 

When you're doing training packs, try and execute the drill quicker. Don't wait for the ball to go to a position where you are comfortable to take the shot. Jump sooner than you normally would and try and get out of your comfort zone. 

Improve Aerial Control

You have probably already messed around with air dribbles or ceiling shots and might have hit a few in training or managed to clip a sick shot in game. Or you might have already spent several hours practicing because you saw how cool they looked when that smurf annihilated you in ranked. Putting time aside and improving your aerial control will greatly increase your odds of winning a game. You can use the "pillars" maps to practice flying around and aerialing


Its time that you start to put some extra attention to practicing how to control your ball in the air and learn how to have less "blackout moments". If you can master or at least get a good grip on how to control your ball in the air, it will set you up for success as you learn more advanced mechanics. Blackout moments are when you anticipate going a certain direction but accidentally go in a different direction. The most common cause is being upside down. Practice...

Shadow Defense

Understanding shadow defense will completely change how your defend the ball. You will be able to predict the opponents shots much easier and have higher odds of blocking any shot put on net by your opponent.


1. Give yourself enough space to react to an opponents shot. If you are too close, the opponent will flick the ball right over you. If you are too far, (like going all the way back for 100% boost)  the opponent will have more time to control the play.

2. Punish your opponent for any mistake they makes by immediately turning into them and taking possession of the ball. You should challenge quick if they drop the ball, or fumble their touches.

3. Stay on the outside of the opponent. Do not be in front of, or close to the opponent when they are dribbling. If you sweep in from the side, you have a higher chance of blocking the ball

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