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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Champ

You have proven to yourself and your friends that you are #1! Even if you were not the first one in the group to reach Champion you are still #1! This is a huge milestone. I can remember the sweaty games leading up to achieving champ for the first time. I messaged my brother and he was stoked and everyone else.... well... no one else in my family cared..... BUT I MADE IT! Now what... you have conquered the game. You're never going to get Grand Champ, that's forever away! You're just satisfied with getting champ 1. Guess what, GC isn't even that far. Don't get me wrong, it will take you more hours than ever of hard work, replay analysis, and coaching from your friends (wait.. what are friends?). However, with the right mindset and dedication, you will be sitting on the big boy GC throne in no time! 


Related Links

Training Packs:

C4E2-2997-E35E-EE55 - RL Scenarios

23BC-0377-C228-A338 - Aerial Rebound

9F09-E4D3-EAB0-69AD - Backboard Reads

53DC-99CA-CAA3-963D - Speed and Accuracy

6115-78FB-919E-F9A0 - Walls n Double Touches

2912-4080-79CC-5658 - Backboard Defense

7FC6-5996-8E70-8B39 - Difficult Saves

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 8_4_2021 4_05_52 PM.png

Replay Analysis

You have probably played like... 2,000 - 3,000 games by now? How many in the past 50 have you actually saved, went back to and watched? Probably not a lot, if any at all.


Here is what I recommend, when you're playing a game, if you feel like you played well, but still lost, save it. Go back and re-watch the 10-15 seconds leading up to you getting scored on. Analyze yourself and not your teammate. You can not control your teammate, right? If its your teammates fault, it was probably your fault too for not covering him in case he made a mistake.


After you watch a few replays, I guarantee you will see a pattern of paths you take or things you do that lead up to you getting scored on. It could be inconsistent dribbling, corner jamming, over committing, leaving your teammate in a 2v1, shadow defending too close, accuracy is inconsistent or whatever you find.


When you discover your mistakes, try to make a mental note of those when you come across those same situations in game, and this time, make the right decision. Its awesome when you realize your first "aha moment". If you're not finding anything, you're not looking hard enough!

Watch High Level Gameplay
I'm going to keep this one brief. Its all in the title. If you spend time watching high level game-play, you can assess the games and learn how it differs from your play style, and implement it. If you are not as fast as your opponent, do not try to be. "Stop trying to outpace your opponent and just play smarter. Position better and read your opponents movements and touches instead of trying to play THEIR game." - Flakes



Reading The Game

Stop focusing on the ball and only the ball. You have teammates, you have opponents. Learn where they are and learn how to use them all to your advantage. Pass, Bump, Demo, Score!!

If your teammate chases, instead of getting upset, sit back and play passive. If your teammate is the passive one, you need to realize its your job to be the aggressive one, but still cautious of over commits. You should know how to play both play styles.

Manage your boost/steal theirs. This can either be the reason you were able to pull off that incredible air dribble or the reason you were not able make it back in time to defend the wide open net. If you can assist with stealing the boost from the other team and also reassuring your teammates have enough boost to get their job done, you are being an effective teammate.

- If you see your teammate flipping to the corner boost (clearly out of boost) and your sitting at 73%, don't take the boost from them even if you got their first. However, if that was the opponent, STEAL IT!


Your ability to read multiple situations around you and assess all possible outcomes will help reduce the amount of double commits, conceded goals and improve the flow of your games. No Tunnel Vision


Don't cut your teammates off, if your rotating back and the ball is hit downfield, your teammate in net is probably going to go for it. Toggle ball cam to see if he's pushing. If he is pushing rotate far post!

Freeplay + Training

If you're anything like me, you wasted a lot of valuable time trying to get your ranks up without putting time asided to train. At Champ, I hopped on, tried to learn a new mechanic every now and then, but not too much effort, and then played competitive for until it was time to get off. I was hard stuck and didn't know why! 

Free play and training packs have been at the base of your fingers since day 1. They are super useful for learning new mechanics and improving in all areas of the game! (mechanically) If you don't use training packs or freeplay before going online, then you wouldn't understand how effective 10-15 mins of warmup can be. Grinding ranked is fun, but grinding ranked and playing good because your warmed up is more fun! We also have over 500 organized training packs in Discord!

If you ever watched a pro play, what are they doing in between games? Freeplay.... Start to utilize the time you have waiting in lobbies, in between tournaments, + even warm up before you play online  The hours you put into freeplay will pay off! 

Ground Control

Just because you can fly around the map scoring ceiliing shots and flip resets, DOES NOT mean you should be. KEEP IT SIMPLE. You should stay grounded when possible. At this rank, you are most likely more consistent with ground plays than aerial plays.


Forcing the opponent to shoot can give your team instant possession. Strategically "charging" them will force them into a 50/50 or force them to put the ball around you. If they put the ball over your head, your teammate should be there to control his touch.


You Only Need to Challenge the Ball in the Air When:

1. You can get to the ball first and it will have a favorable outcome for your team

2. You have to block or save a shot


The best approach to lure the opponent AND stay on the ground is to "fake" going up for the ball and immediatly turn around.


This Forces 2 Possibilities :

1. Forces the opponent rush their play, which can causes them to pass to you or miss their target

2. Makes the opponent waste their boost and force them to rotate back or play with low boost


Bumps & Demos, But NOT Always

For some reason, people think that demoing is a toxic mechanics. This is far from the truth if used correctly. Using bumps and demos can increase the amount of goals you score and the wins you get. It puts the opponents out of position and can remove them from the play for 3 seconds. How many times have you been scored on because you were demoed? I bet you also don't complain when you demo someone and score, but instead find it fun! The reason lower ranks find it toxic, is because they are not consistent at it and do not use them correctly.


You are WRONG if you demo out of anger, break rotation, demo someone who isn't a threat to the play or if it negatively impacts the play

you are RIGHT if you demo to remove a goalie/defender, prevent a player from scoring, break opponents rotation, air dribble bump to score

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