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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Diamond


Congratulations, you have reached Diamond! Now it looks like you're getting somewhere, right? Well, you would be champ already if it wasn't for your trash teammates and terrible internet connection that makes you lag all the time, right? All jokes aside, these are the moments you have been waiting 400+ hours for. This is where you can prove to yourself that you are a champion! You deserve this! It feels so close but also so far!! Let's get over this bump.

Related Links

Training Packs:

45DB-9D08-6EB8-2D50 - Swoop Shots

3187-E789-8419-FBAA - Difficult Scenarios In Game

5A65-4073-F310-5495 - Air Dribbles

42BF-686D-E047-574B - Shots You Shouldn't Miss

1587-F395-21F8-3622 - Well Rounded Training

DCF6-05F8-03F9-E3AE - Aerial Shots

9637-F3F3-5AA6-C031 - Wall Read (25 Offense, 25 Defense)


Change Your Mindset

At this point in RL you have seen it all, the teammates who start off saying "GL HF" and start to flame you as soon as you make a mistake, the afk teammates, the trolls and the smurfs.

However, if you can overcome these minor setbacks to your rank with the right mindset, they wont impact your game. How many times have you played a game and lost because of some non-sense, got a little upset and went on a loss streak and before you know it, you turned into the troll ! !

A good way to help reduce all of this is to DISABLE OPPONENTS CHAT. I can't even tell you how much better I play not getting triggered by the other teams little snickering comments. If you can have a positive outlook and just play the game as intended, you will have so much more success!

Dribbling - Advanced

When dribbling, be aware of where your car is positioned and where the opponent is coming from. Make sure you are positioned between your goal and the ball. If not, your leaving a bad 50/50 a chance to go straight into your net!

I have talked about dribbling in Gold but now you're a better player (I hope) and you need to start learning how to control the ball when you're on the ground. Being able to out-dribble your opponents is going to put the ball in the back of their net much more consistently.

Trying to describe how to dribble via text would be horrible, but I will give these few tips:

1. If you can't dribble by now, your wrong

2. 45° flicks are a powerful tool. Learn them!

3. Only slight movements when dribbling, dont jerk the joystick

4. Its best to flick when the opponent is out of position; going for boost, turning to challenge, dodging at you, etc.

5. Practice Bounce Dribbles - hard to learn but very valuable


Effective recoveries save you valuable time AND will increase your abilities to be an effective teammate

There are loads of different recoveries. Research specific examples and go into freeplay to practice! Optimal Recovery Performance is knowing how to recover in any scenario

*IMPORTANT* Having better aerial control will improve your recoveries by 100000%!

Mechanical: Wavedash, Half-flip, holding powerslide, double jumping, holding reverse etc.

Game Sense: Knowing when to boost vs flip, front flip vs diagonal flip, jump off wall vs drive down, saving flips after being bumped / going off wall etc.

Purposeful Touches

This is HUGE. Probably the most important tip moving forward in your progression throughout Rocket League. Learning to control the ball instead of booming it to your opponents is important. When I was a lower rank, it felt like I was constantly playing ping pong; They would hit it to me, I would hit it back to them. But then I realized, if I can take control of the ball after his touch and slow it down, I was now the one in control of the play.

Make sure that when you are making contact with the ball, you have a purpose for the each touch. It can be to center it for your teammate, put it in an awkward position for the opponent, get it around your opponent or used to pull off a solo play.

Don't cross the ball in front of your net unless you have to

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