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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Grand Champion


Lazord, you're not even a Supersonic Legend, how can you possibly know anything about ranking up. If you took your own advice then maybe you would be good at the game. Well... someone has to coach the world champs, don't they? Just because I'm not an SSL doesn't mean I won't give you the tips to get there! I have consolidated a list after talking to many SSL's (like 1 or 2 if I'm being honest) and here is the advice they could provide. I'm just going to elaborate. On a second note... if this was the beginning of 2020... you would be the highest rank in the game right now. But it's not... so that means you have to grind out this game even more! 

Related Links

Training Packs:
6FBA-31F7-ADEC-6D5F - Consistency
3E2B-44BC-FEF3-C3BC - Weird Camera Shots
B512-9937-FA48-DC86 - Backboard Shots  
9304-5394-CD1E-B103 - Can you save these?
2912-4080-79CC-5658 - Backboard Defense
34D0-4296-BEAA-A4EE - Hard Reads
0DB6-952A-EA74-3BC8 - High Corner Reads

Mechanical Consistency

This should be obvious for all ranks, but when you're battling the best of the best, the top 0.1% of competitive players, you need to be on point. If you can't Breezi Flick 10/10 times, don't use it in competitive games and you need to practice before trying. Take a little extra time before hopping into ranked to practice the mechanics you use the most. This will reduce the mistakes you make in game and over time, help master the mechanics.


You Need to Master the Following Mechanics, at a MINIMUM:

1. Dribbling - bounce, air, ground (complete control)
2. Flicking - front flip, diagonal, 45°
3. Half-Flips

4. Aerial Control - no more blackout moments
5. Recoveries
6. Fast Aerial

Know Your Weaknesses

This is going to be different from the replay analysis discussed in Champ, however, replay analysis can assist with your weakness discovery. There is no "one answer fits all" for this subject and it will take a lot of self reflection and humbleness to understand your weaknesses. If you have a list of your weaknesses, avoid putting yourself in those dilemmas. For example: If you know that you tend to pre-jump even when you shouldn't, make a conscious effort to rotate back/shadow or whatever you have to do instead of pre-jumping, until pre-jumping is not an issue anymore.


I recommend making a digital or hand written copy of what you notice your weaknesses are. If you review them before a game, it will help you be more aware when you play. Some people say that warming up in 1s can help them play better in other game modes; smarter decision making.

Stop justifying your mistakes. If you don't own up to your mistakes, you're going to keep making them. If your teammate says something to you, take it lightly, but ask yourself if it's possible that you are making those mistakes. If the answer is yes, make a mental note and try to improve.

Don't ignore your weaknesses; train them. If your worst mechanic is 45° flicks, or you still have some blackout moments with air Roll Left, hop into training and practice. There are also advanced guides/training's for everything in RL nowadays.

Review The Fundamentals

At this point in Rocket League, you know how to play the game. However, sometimes you get stuck in a routine and forget some of the basics. I get it, you know how to air/ground dribble, jump off walls, manage your boost. But do remember each tip on how to win a 50/50, have you upgraded your kickoff from the standard "fast kickoff" in 2018, have you implemented new dribbling tactics?

I recommend reviewing the other ranks and see if you have mastered them then move on, if not, you know what you can practice.

The Right Teammates

I get it, you solo queue. That doesn't mean you have too. There are so many perks to having a consistent teammate

1. They are able to provide instant feedback

2. You just have a better gaming experience, it's more fun and can improve mental health!

3. Easier to predict movements / plays once you understand your teammates play style. Gain Trust + Reduce Blaming!

4. Instant, more in depth call outs. These call-outs will changed the outcomes of the games. The ability to instantly use coms with my teammate has changed the outcome of the game many times.

Finding the Right Teammate: Most teammates are found by partying up with someone after you won a game. If you lose the next game, you don't necessarily have to leave the lobby. It might take a few games to work out the kinks. Or... you might have had a lucky game and are just not compatible. But once you find the right teammate for you, you can climb the ranks!

Why do you think RLCS teams change so frequently? Some people play together better than others.

Using coms can greatly improve your chance of infield passing or improved awareness. 10/10 recommend finding a teammate that you communicate well with and they have the same Rocket League goals as you. I have sooo many friends that are held back because they play with the same people every day who are not nearly as good as them. Like a Diamond playing with Plats.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 143616.png

Play Against People Better Than you

This is another self explanatory title. Even though it is fun to hop in a lobby with people that are 3-4 ranks under you so you can show off your insane skills, its not the best way to improve your skills. They are going to learn from you the same way you can learn from someone else who is better than you.

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