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Rank up tips

Enjoy the brief intro and click on an image to learn more tips on how to get out of that rank! 
Under "Related Links" there are great videos for each rank.

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Intro to Bronze


So, it looks like you just got the game or are relatively new. Now you don't know what to do. You see all these crazy options, an Item Shop, Rocket Pass, Garage Profile, Settings, and Quit. TAKE MY ADVICE, unless you want to be uncontrollably sucked into hundreds if not thousands of hours of Car Soccer, hit that QUIT button and never open the game again. However, if you're ready to indulge yourself with new content, controls, and physics unlike any game you have played before, countless emotional roller coasters, and many gaming memories / new friendships to be made; then let's race into this journey!

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Training Packs:

RL Preset training - Striker &Aerial - Rookie

2D89-9321-42D2-48BA - Basic Shots

E4AE-EDC9-E77E-9FC0 - Power Shots

C9E4-0F05-B71A-C322 - Power Shots

8C18-E997-F8D4-4544 - All Kickoffs

RL Preset training - Goalie - Rookie

Improve Control

In this phase of gaming, people don't really know if they should have ball cam on, or off. KEEP IT ON. 99.99% of all RL players use ball cam and 100% of PROS do .


Once you get comfortable maneuvering around the arena and are able to hit the ball consistently with ball cam on, then you can start to learn how to play while toggling ball cam. The only time people usually turn the ball cam off is when they are going to get boost (lower levels) and if they are going to bump other players.


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please disable your camera shake. (settings, camera, toggle camera shake)

Improve Accuracy

The only way you can improve you accuracy is by practicing. Go into training packs and attempt the same shots over and over and over and over and over again. A good resource for new players is freeplay or premade training pack created by the RL developers, accessed through the home screen. Make the same shot over and over and over again before you move onto the next shot in the training pack. I cant stress this enough, just because you made it once, doesn't make you an expert! Practice makes you an expert.

Power Shots

Powershots will become easier with time. When you hit the ball, you need to work on hitting the ball with the front end of the car. You should flip into the ball when you are super close.

If you are flipping and hitting the ball with the top of your car, you need to wait until you are close before flipping into the ball. If you drive into the ball and it bounces away before you can flip, then you obviously need to flip sooner.

Stay Grounded

At this rank, you will see people trying stuff they are uncomfortable with. If you stay on the ground and utilize the basics of rotation and playing defensive, you will be able to capitalize on your opponents mistakes.



a. Fly in the air

b. Use the walls

il you are comfortable with them
in freeplay / training packs

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