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About Us

Welcome to the Official RLH Website! I have created this for the Rocket League community to help your gaming experience. 

I started out like most of the community just looking for another fun game to play; Rocket League was then recommended by a friend. I had no idea how many hours I would be investing into this game! I learned everything on my own until I had about 2,000 hours played. What a waste of time!

I want to save everyone valuable time by creating the ultimate resource hub for all your Rocket League wants and needs! If you would like to provide feedback please let me know in the Discord. We hope you invite your friends to join our community! Have fun Gamers!
Improve Your Rocket League Journey!

Rank up fast with these detail guides, pics and vids for reference


Rank Up Fast!

Get our custom decal for Octane, Dominus and Fennec for FREE


Free RLH Decal

Get to know the coaches and schedule a session with them as soon as today


Get Coaching Today

Learn how to review your own replays and learn what tools to use

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Replay Review Tips

Learn about all the events we play with our community inside the Discord


Community Events

Find a list with all the best content creators for learning and fun


Content Creators

We have Training Packs for all ranks and every mechanic


Training Packs

Meet the staff and partners, get coaching and view the Donation Zone

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RLH Extras

Come get a sneak peak at our most powerful and easy to use learning tools

RLH Store

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