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Training packs

We have partnered up with Wayprotein! Check out this amazing easy-to-use Website to find training packs!

Step By Step - Website

Step 1

Go to the website


prejump logo.png

Step 2

Conduct a Search

Key Words

Dribble, Ceiling Shot, Awkward, Defense, etc.

Specific Creator

Lazord, Wayprotein, Poquito etc.

By Rank

Step 3

Fine Tune Your Search

Pre-jump 6.png

Search for your Content Here

Quick Copy & Paste

Filter by Rank

If pack has video, find link here! 

Filter by Creator

Customize packs displayed per page

Filter Training Pack names

Bakkes Mod Plugin


Play training packs directly from Prejump with the click of a button.
No more worrying about copying codes or forgetting to favorite, our plugin has you covered!

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