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Replay Review

Learn how to review your replays and different methods for each style!

Downloadable Guide

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How to Review Your Replay in 4 Steps

Step 1 - Finding a Replay

You don't want to waste your time reviewing a bad replay. I recommend the following:

- Ranked game; minimum of 6 goals scored (2 blue, 4 orange, etc.)

- A game you thought you played well

- The final score should be close, win or lose; lose = preferred to review

- Warm-up before watching a replay; pick one from yesterday (fresh set of eyes; more likely to be unbiased)

Step 2 - Pick Your Review Style

Long Review

Watch the whole replay; from start to finish

Dissect every play in detail and watch multiple points of view

Switch POV, see how you play as a teammate
Rewind multiple times to assess the plays


Pros: You can learn much more about your playstyle by being

able to see more plays with rotation / positioning / mechanics

Cons: Takes a long time compared to the Short Review

Short Review

Fast Forward to the play you get scored on - Hold Right D-Pad

Once you get scored on, rewind approx. 15 - 20 second

Watch your point of view and your teammate's point of view

Move on to the next play until completed

Pros: Saves time, skip to highlights

Cons: You will miss key mistakes made throughout the game

Data Log Example:


Step 3 - Know What to Look For

Main Focus: Habitual Mistakes! If you can learn from these it will help you rank up quickly! Situational mistakes will happen, but you should not spend too much energy reviewing these 

Habitual: Double committing, losing every kickoff, over committing, corner jamming, boost over ball, crossing ball in front of your net, near-post rotation, etc.

Situational: Bad Kickoff, poor mechanics, missing a boost pad and turning back to get it, hitting goalpost and flopping, bad recovery, a simple mistake, etc.

Main Focus Points:


Assess your distance from your teammates and opponents, ensure that you're not too far from the play

Make sure that you are constantly keeping pressure! Don't be back getting boost if your teammate is downfield

Watch that you are not following your teammates

Watch carefully and see if your movements/positioning are benefiting the play

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 7_19_2021 7_00_39 PM.png

Mechanical Inconsistencies

See if you're trying mechanics that are above your skill level; if you can't do them 10/10 times, don't do it in ranked!

Watch out for moments that you lose control of the ball; dribbling, air control, pass to opponents/boom downfield

Take note of blackout moments; try to do something but "blackout" and mess up; common with aerial control

Based on the replay, you should go into training and practice the mechanics that you were struggling with



There are typically rules of where you should go in a situation; ask yourself the following:

Are you too aggressive/passive? 2. Are you cutting off your teammate? 3. Did you rotate far post?

TIP: Once you complete your role, you should allow your teammate to rotate into the play. Don't keep chasing the ball!

Screenshot 2022-03-23 134804.png

Boost Management

- Watch to see if your wasting you're boost when you could be flipping. A good way to see this is if you boost all the way back, and then you're waiting

- Watch to see if you're picking up boost pads on you're way back to net / during your rotation / when waiting for a play

Best Tips For Reviewing Replays

Watch Videos on each of these topics above (positioning, rotation, boost management). This will help you understand what is right and what is wrong when reviewing your replays. If you don't know what to look for, you are wasting your time with replay reviews

Use Different Points of View 

Change POVs; between yourself, teammate and opponents

Use the Slow down feature

For rotation, use the "Fly" cam & look from a birds-eye view 

Re-watch individual plays multiple times


Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_9_2022 12_04_31 AM.png
Pencil and notepad

Step 4 - Post Review

Ask yourself; what did I learn? Write down 1-3 key concepts you need to improve. Read them before each game you play

Try and implement what you learned from your replay, progress won't always be instant, it will take time to adjust to a "new playstyle"

Find training packs that help you

Humble yourself and own the mistakes you make. The only way to improve is to realize that you make mistakes too.

Don't blame your teammates, even if it is their fault, most likely there is something you could have done to change the outcome of the play

Try and watch a replay at least 1 time per week using the guidance listed above

Check out Part 2 of the Replay Reviews - "Self Analysis Methods" 

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