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Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events! They are always so much fun and a great way to make friends / earn server points.  We host many different activities and love getting the community involved. 

Server Events!

Below is a list of most of our events that we host. We like to change it up each month to keep the server fresh!

Rocket League


Place in the top 5 to earn rewards!
1v1, 2v2 or 3v3, Heat Seeker, hoops, rumble etc.! 
Everyone who participates gets server points!

Group Coaching

We will have 1 coach live stream in the Discord.
He will go over mechanics, replay analysis or your choice
Everyone joins 1 VC + mutes mic until they have questions

Custom Games

Discords choice! We play what YOU want all night. We will have multiple lobbies with multiple games. This is for a chill night to hang out with people to have a good time.


6 man lobbies are created for 3v3 customs. The games are played to a BO3 and then the teams will switch up again! You can end up with 2 GC teammates or 2 Bronze's! 

Battle of the Coaches

2 people, same rank 1v1, then coached for 30 minutes, then 1v1 again. The audience can see both coaches individually train the player. After the rematch, the coaches 1v1!

High Vs. Low

Ever want to play against higher ranks?!
We put 2-4 lower ranks to challenge a higher rank to see who can win the match! You can either spectate or play!

Workshop Maps

**Requires a PC**
We all download the same workshop map and either link up with Hamachi or compete against each others times! 

Last Man Standing

We start with 8 people in 1 arena. If you score a goal, you advance to the next round. After 7 goals, if you did not score, you are eliminated and the next round starts with 7 people. After 7 rounds there will be 1 person left!

Social / Real Life

Movie Night

Come hang out and watch a movie with us!
We vote on a movie and stream it live. 
To keep it nice and quiet, we mute mics and text in chat :)

Scavenger Hunt

I will use an online randomizer of common household items. The first 3 people who send a picture of the item will get a point! *Fun Rocket League ones too!

Quiz Night

Everyone piles into 1 Voice call and the host will ask simple questions. The host will decide who gets to answer and he will keep score throughout the event!

Talent Show

Show us what talents you have! It can be something unique like playing the flute with your toes or even a funny joke! This is a judge free zone and we enjoy it all :)

Online Games

We explore the online world for FREE online arcade games!
Snakes, tanks, battleship, shooter + much more! 
Make some new friends and have a good time

Social Zone

If you ever have any questions about the events let us know in the Discord. You can also express your opinions as we always want to improve each event! 

2 Minute Draws

This is a super fun / funny event! We all get 2 minutes to draw a picture and present it to the group! And for fun we will all vote on the best ones! Many laughs <3

Rocket League Car Show

You are given between 5-10 minutes to customize a themed car chosen by the host. Everyone will vote on your car design with a 1-10. They will DM the host and after 5 rounds the winner is chosen based on the most points! 

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