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Freeplay drills

Below are the Freeplay drills recommended for Gold - Platinum.

Areas of Concentration

Aerial Control
Fast Aerial
Faster Kickoffs
Improving Accuracy
Increasing Speed
Wall Control

Tips for Faster Progression

1. Don't wait for the ball to get in a position where you are comfortable with. Jump sooner or from different angles while still trying to hit the ball hard.

2. If you are doing this properly, you should miss a lot of shots and get more consistent over time. 

3. Spend every day warming up before playing online games

Freeplay Drills


1. Speedy Walls

Map: Any

How: Jump to and from the wall while air rolling during your transition

Why: To improve a variety of car control and in-game speed while maintaining supersonic

- Maintain supersonic speed

- Complete 5 laps in both directions, switch after each lap


2. Speed Drill - 2 - 1 - 1

Map: Any

How: Drive Forward past 2 small boost pads, power-slide 180 degrees, zig-zag back between 2 pads, 180 again, zig-zag again, and drive past 2 pads. Repeat for 2 laps (watch the video)

Why: This will improve power slide control and increase you're in-game speed

- Hold boost the whole time


3. Catch and Carry Dribbling

Map: Any

How: When the ball is rolling, scoop the ball up onto the roof of your car, once you have it balanced, let it fall. Do as many as possible without losing control

Why: This will help you understand the some of the fundamentals of dribbling

- Once you get the ball on your roof, drop it
- Try from all angles


4. Faster Kickoffs

Map: Any

How: Start utilizing a diagonal flip into your kickoffs. Try consistently making contact and eventually scoring the shot, make sure you are boosting

Why: You should work on more advanced kickoffs the higher rank you are

- Shoot the ball, reset the shot
- For more reps / min don't watch the replay


5. Front Flip Flick

Map: Any

How: Drive up to the ball, get it on your roof, do a flick into the net

Why: Understanding the fundamentals of front flip flicks (ball positioning, car speed, when to flick, etc.) will improve your car control and eventually, even more, advanced flicks

- Flick the ball, reset, shoot


6. Dribble for Time

Map: Any

How: Get the ball on your roof and see how long you can dribble it for

Why: This is going to be the next step in improving your dribbling abilities

- Carry the ball as long as possible


7. Basic Wall Bounce

Map: Any

How: Hit the ball against the wall, recover quickly and turn around. After you get some space, reposition yourself to the ball/wall and try to hit the ball on the second bounce back into the wall. Repeat

Why: This will help with challenging opponents quickly and improving game speed

- You lose the round when the ball touches 2 or 3 times.
- Do this for 5 - 15 successful hits in a row


8. Freeplay Touches

Map: Any

How: The focus is to hit the ball, toggle between ball cam / car cam, boost, power-slide, and just maintain control

Why: Learning how to control the ball in freeplay will get you more comfortable with the ball and increases your accuracy in games

- Freeplay for 15 mins


9. Fast Aerial Repeats

Map: Any

How: Boost and Jump at the SAME time. Lean back, not too far though. When you land, make sure you jump quickly, but not too quick, or else you will spin out

Why: Learning to fast aerial is very important in lower ranks. It will help you get to the ball before your opponents

- Boost up, land on the ceiling, jump off the ceiling
- Go down the field and back x5 times
- Get to the ceiling as many times as you can


10. Basic Aerials

Map: Any

How: Start in a goal, jump, lean back, and hold boost to fly! Make small adjustments in the air if you have to by leaning right and left. Land in the net, turn around and do it again

Why: Learning the fundamentals of aerials is super important to start improving your overall gameplay

- Aim for a spot on the backboard or in the net and try to hit it repetitively


11. Aerial Control
Basic Air Roll

Map: Any

How: Jump in the air, lean back, boost and hold Air Roll. If you get lost in the air, stop air rolling, make minor adjustments and continue. Try and land in the net

Why: This will introduce you to spinning while aerialing. These are the basic steps to improving your aerial control

- Fly from one net to the next, hold air roll
- Attempt to make minor adjustments 
- If you fail, reset


12. Aerial Control
Minor Air Roll

Map: Pillars

How: Try to complete a figure 8 while making minor adjustments with air roll. Keep your height and keep your nose up. Don't spin too much

Why: Moving your car little to no air roll can be very beneficial, especially when you get more advanced with mechanics

- Stay in the air and don't use air roll
- Complete 3 figure 8's without falling or get as far as possible


13. Flying Backwards

Map: Any

How: Jump onto the wall above the net. Jump off the wall, and fly backward to the opposite net. Once there, air roll to land on the net and repeat

Why: Learning how to fly backwards will improve your overall car control in the air

- Jump off the wall and stay backward
- Try to add an air roll and stay backward
- Go from wall to wall x6 times

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