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boost management

Find out how to save boost, utilize basic / advanced recoveries, different training drills and more tips on boost conservation for when you need it

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Boost Management 101

Boost Management:
Being able to use your boost efficiently while keeping into consideration positioning, surroundings, and current boost percentage

Tips + Scenarios

When you finish your kickoff, you should try and have around 9 - 13 boost remaining.
This leftover boost is critical if you lose the kickoff to help you rotate back and block the shot

Boost over Ball = NO

You can do so much with little / no boost. Everyone says this, but you have to consider the play before reacting, especially if you're on defense or rotating back. Grab small pads when possible and if the opponent MIGHT beat you; shadow or challenge. Do NOT go for boost until the ball is no longer in the opponent's possession or there is no longer a threat

Small Pads Matter
Learning when to pick up small pads can save you time and prevent you from breaking rotation/position. Use the "Boost Spawn Locations" map to find the best route to improve boost % efficiency while rotating

Do this Practical Exercise! Using the Boost Spawn Map: 
Scenario: Imagine you're on the Orange team rotating back to defend

1. Pick a point on the blue side where "you are"
2. F
ind a path back to the orange side that gets the most boost
3. Now find the path giving you the most boost and puts you at the far post.
(opposite side of the field from where "you are")

Now... do this in-game!

Boost backwards.PNG

Front Flip and Boost = NO 

During a frontflip, your car will at one point be facing backward. 

If you're boosting when this happens, it will try to boost
 your car backward, slowing you down. Best method = diagonal flip / speed flip

Holding Jump vs Tapping Jump

If you hold your jump button, your car will go higher than tapping it. For boost management purposes, since holding your jump button will get you higher, it's the better option for low boost scenarios. It only takes 10ish boost to save any shot if you're in the right position


Supersonic: The Fastest Your Car Can Go
You will know you're supersonic when you see little waves of light around your car (green) and your trail activates (yellow).

If you're supersonic, you won't lose speed until you turn your car or let go of the gas. Boosting = WASTE when supersonic!!

Best Ways to Get Supersonic Fast

 - Wave dash into a flip  
 - 3 flips with no boost from a dead stop = supersonic

 - If you use approx. 12 - 15 boost then flip, you will only need 2 flips

Keep in mind that you have minimal car control during a flip

Improving your recoveries will help save you boost by keeping momentum
Check out the
Recoveries tips

Using the Walls

Assess the play and see if the opponents are putting pressure. If you have enough time and you are close to a wall, use the wall to your advantage. 

Benefits of using the Wall
- You won't have to use 80 Boost to reach a high ball
- More likely to get an accurate touch
- More likely to get a powerful touch
- More time to assess the situation
- Potential better camera angle opposed to jumping straight up

Photography Workshop (2).png

Using your second jump

This will help a lot of lower ranks
Instead of jumping once and then boosting to aerial a ball, try to double jump & then boost.

Just Fall....
If you're falling without upward momentum, don't waste your boost trying to get back up. Just land & recover.

Feather Boost for Aerials

You don't have to hold boost to stay in the air, once you have momentum, you can feather your boost and you will maintain your height. Just practice what it takes to stay in the air in freeplay, then do it in game.

Freeplay Drills

Disable boost when training
Test the boost pad hitboxes
See how far you can get with "x' amount of boost
Test different methods to get supersonic quickly (combination of boosting, wave dashes, flips, power slides, wall play etc.)
Find good boost paths etc.

You can also find some more recovery based freeplay drills

Boost Pads.PNG

Boost Pad Hitboxes
Learning the hitbox of the boost pad can save you some time. This is a more advanced skill to maximize rotation time.

More than half of your car has to enter the hitbox for you to get boost

Boost When Necessary
This is the BEST Tip. Only boost on rotation when you need to. I see too many people waste their boost trying to get back and then they just sit there waiting for the play. They could have utilized flips or even taken their time to position better

Proper positioning saves boost. Knowing where to be and when to be there will save you unnecessary traveling across the field. Learning to read the plays and knowing how much time you have will help you save boost and progress in Rocket League

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