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Recoveries tips

Below are tips, videos, and links with descriptions of different ways to recover your car. Improving your recoveries will greatly improve your game speed and help improve the overall flow.

Example Video

Easiest to Hardest

1. Landing Straight

How: Simple, land on your wheels. Use air roll to position your car on all 4 wheels

When to Use: When you fall off the ceiling, bumped, or in the air 


2. Flips

How: Use your jump button to get in the air, then lean the car forward and jump again

When to Use: Need to get speed, low on boost. 


3. Reverse

How: When you land, hold the reverse button. Steer your car straight out. Holding powerslide can make a smoother transition from being backward to facing forward

When to Use: When you land backward or are spun out. 


4. Directional Flips

How: Use your jump button to get in the air, then lean the car forward and to the side, (usually 45 degrees) jump again

When to Use: When you have to change your direction but keep moving forward


5. Small Pads

How: When you are low on boost, you can pick up mini pads to gain boost to help improve the rest of your recoveries

When to Use: Pick up small boost pads when rotating back, its best to learn where they are for improved efficiency


6. Backflips

How: Hold reverse, then backflip. The flip will get you more distance than only driving in reverse

When to Use: When you land backward or are spun out


7. Powerslide

How: When you land, hold the power slide button. This is the primary mechanic to use with advanced/smooth recoveries.​

When to Use: When you land in awkward positions, this will help keep your momentum and buy you time to figure out how you want to recover


8. Jump / Flip off Walls

How: When you're on the wall, jump or flip off the wall toward your objective

When to Use: Save time instead of driving down the wall. A directional flip is preferred if you need to go further because it will decrease the time it takes to get to your objective


9. Powerslide Jump Flips

How: Hold power slide, jump and utilize your flip

When to Use: When you land awkwardly and need to continue moving in the direction of your momentum. The flip will increase your speed and give you time to turn your car forward again


10. Boost Down

How: Face toward the floor and boost

When to Use: When you have boost to spare and need to get to the floor quickly


11. Goal Post

How: Drive into the opponent's net and drive off the roof, use your flip to change direction or increase your speed

When to Use: When you have speed and it would save you time opposed to turning around on the ground in front of the opponent's net


12. Save Flip, Bumped

How: Use your saved flip to change direction, flip into the ball, wave dash, etc. 

When to Use: When you get bumped, fall from the ceiling, or any other way you manage to save your flip while being in the air.


13. Half Flips

How: Backflip, flip cancel, air roll. You can learn to half-flip in different directions for improved efficiency.

When to Use: When you have to turn your car around quickly and drive in the opposite direction. Best to do quickly if you have boost to assist with the recovery


14. Reverse Half Flips

How: Hold reverse, backflip and perform a half-flip to straighten your car

When to Use: This can be used if you have a little boost, if you reverse for a second before half flipping, you will go farther and faster


15. Wave Dash

How: Jump, angle car, wait for back wheels to touch ground, hold analog stick forward, use second jump

When to Use: To get supersonic fast, position yourself better / rotate faster


16. Wavedash Off Walls

How: Jump off the wall and wavedash towards your objective

When to Use: When you are low on boost on the wall and need to go towards the center of the field or gain distance off the wall


17. Wavedash Jump Flip

How: Perform a wavedash, jump and flip

When to Use: When you are low on boost and want to get to your objective quickly. This will increase your speed and distance but you will have decreased control of your car while flipping


18. Ceiling Double Jump

How: Double jump from the ceiling, rotate your car and boost towards the ground with accuracy

When to Use: When you need to get to the floor as quickly as possible. 


19. Ground to Wall Flip

How: Jump from the ground onto the wall. You can air roll or flip cancel to position your car better on the wall for your situation

When to Use: If you are low boost and need to get up the wall or if you can gain speed / smoother transition to go up the wall to save a shot on net. The timing can take practice to perfect

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