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2v2 Tips

Check out these tips to help you improve in 2s!

Downloadable Guide

2v2 Rotation.png

Rotation vs. Positioning

Switching your position on the field after your role has been fulfilled or if your teammate 
has a more advantageous opportunity


Having the game sense and awareness to put yourself in a position that will benefit the play

Tips to Win

Do Not Leave Your Teammate Alone by Over-Commiting


Flick towards their net when you have 0 boost

Wall to air dribble, especially if it leaves you with no boost and bad positioning

Waste all your boost flying towards a useless touch

Push into the opponent's corner when your teammate is there

Early challenge if your teammate is not rotating back

Break rotation to get boost or go for a demo

Awareness (6).png
Awareness (1).png

Awareness Wins You Games

It is VERY important knowing when to rotate

It is VERY important knowing when to challenge

It is VERY important knowing teammates' / opponents' locations

It is VERY important knowing when to pass or hold the ball

It is VERY important knowing how to adapt to your teammates

This will take a lot of time, attempts & failing to understand and really realize the changes you need to make in your gameplay.

Play Fast, Keep Momentum

Hold power slide when your landing, jump, and flip in the direction you want to go

Don't hold power slide if you want to change directions; land + change directions

Watch your opponents, predict their touches

Try not to land upside down or go into the opponent's net

Check out the recovery tips

Flick (1).png

Visual Rotation Guide

Assume Squares 7, 8, 9 are on YOUR side, and Squares 1, 2, 3 are on your OPPONENTS' side


1. Same Square = BAD

- You should NOT be in the same square as your teammate - Doing so is a double commit

- If people are jammed in your corner, (Square 7 or 9) be patient and don't over-commit. Wait for your teammate to rotate

- You should only be in the same square if you're rotating or defending the goal


2. Same Row = Bad

- ONLY be in the same row as your teammate when on defense or when rotating back

- Bad: If your teammate is in Square 4 and you're in Square 6 or 9. The net is exposed. Either an unfortunate pinch or bad 50/50 leaves your net vulnerable to be scored against

- Good: Scenario: Your teammate is taking the ball up the wall in Square 4 and you're on the front edge of Square 8. Keep moving up-field as your teammate moves upfield. If they're successful in getting to Square 1 you should be around the front corner of 5 & 6. Be ready to either receive a pass but also be in a good position to turn around and defend if they're not successful


3. Stay Close

- The square you're in should touch a square that your teammate is in. If your teammate is in 7, you're in 4, 5 or 8

- Even if you're in different squares that touch, don't be too close to each other. If in 7 + 8, 8 shouldn't be near post

- Staying mid-field as "2nd man" is best - Square 5 touches Squares 1, 2, and 3 which will help you assist your teammate

- Going for boost mid-field (say Square 6) is risky when the ball is centered (square 5) because it opens up Squares 4, 5, 7, and 8 for a counter-attack

RL Field Grid.png

Common Scenarios

Scenario 1.PNG

Scenario 1
Far Post

If the ball is in the corner, utilize far post-rotation until the ball is cleared. Don't be too aggressive, wait until your teammate rotates out of the corner, then you can put pressure and try to clear the ball. Don't challenge the ball if your teammate is there, stay back!

Scenario 2.PNG

Scenario 2
Ground Plays

If the ball is rolling up the wall and you have time, try and bring it back to the ground unless you know you can pull off a good pass or get a shot on the net. Staying on the ground is usually much safer and less risky than air plays

Scenario 3.PNG

Scenario 3
Early Challenge

The opponent is pushing towards your net and you're shadow defending as your teammate rotates back

As the closest defender, you want to challenge quickly. This can force the opponent to make a mistake. When you recover, rotate back behind your teammate or position for a pass

Scenario 4.PNG

Scenario 4
Bad Pass

If your teammate is passing to you and they have a bad pass, rotate back and play defensive. DO NOT over-commit and try and get a touch or shot you can't make. If you risk the touch and miss, you're now both out of position and will get scored on

Scenario 5.PNG

Scenario 5
Pass Awareness

If you're passing to your teammate, make sure that they know you are passing. Try your best to see your teammate before attempting to pass. If you assume they are there and they aren't, you just gave the opponents free possession 

Scenario 6.PNG

Scenario 6

If you see your teammate dribbling with the ball ON TOP of his car, near your net, stay in the net. You need to be behind him to cover any potential shots on the net. Don't go for corner boost or push upfield until there is no threat of a 50/50 going bad

cross net_edited.jpg

Scenario 7
Do NOT Center

Keep the ball away from the center of your net as much as possible! This is always a dangerous area

Always clear the ball to the corners / downfield

Even if you have to make an awkward hit, try to keep it out of danger

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