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Solo Queuing

Do you ever solo que and always blame your teammates.... Maybe you should check this out to help reduce some confusion on the field

Downloadable Guide

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Rotation vs. Positioning

Switching your position on the field after your role has been fulfilled or if your teammate 
has a more advantageous opportunity


Having the game sense and awareness to put yourself in a position that will benefit the play

Solo Queuing Rules

     a. When Solo Queuing, it can be hard to understand what someone is trying to do. You can help increase the flow of the game if you use quick chats appropriately. Only 1 chat is needed. Not "Take the Shot" "Take the Shot" "Take the Shot"

     b. It can be highly recommended to disable all chats that don't affect your team (Team Chat Only). This will help you focus and tell you when your team is trying to communicate to you

     c. Be aware of your body language. If you are always faking or cutting people off, this will make you unpredictable and your teammates won't understand your movements


Quickly Assess Your Teammates Play-Style

     a. Going into a solo queue game with a defensive / cautious mentality will help you in the long run. If you are super aggressive 
don't analyze your teammate's playstyle, you have a chance to clash with them. Resulting in no synergy, which means losing. 

     b. If they are overly aggressive, (speedy but whiff a lot, overcommit, etc.) then take on the more passive role. You want
to make sure that cover your teammate's potential mistakes.


     c. If they are too passive, (not pushing, turning before the pass, sitting in net/backfield) play more aggressive and try and get   
them involved in the plays with passes and quick chats. 

Use Your Teammates Strengths / Weaknesses to Your Advantage.
     a. If your teammate is super mechanical, try to set him up for shots. Let your teammate shine. You don't always have to score to
win. Sometimes it is best to play the support role for a game. 

     b. If your teammate loves to pass, that means they want you to pass back. Don't just take his passes and try to solo play.


Trust your teammates

Rules of Trust: Follow these rules of trust when your teammate makes a mistake:

 1 Time: It was just a mistake; keep playing as normal
2 Times: We are noticing a pattern, keep cautious; play normal
3 Times: Teammate shows a consistent pattern of making a mistake. Change your playstyle to compensate for your teammate.

Some common mistakes: Near post rotation, boost stealing, bumping, breaking rotation, over-commit, bad kickoff, pre-jumping, etc. 

Learn Kickoffs
     a. As a part of 2s and 3s, you have to understand what your role is on the kickoffs. I recommend going to kickoffs (click hyperlink) 

     b. Keep in mind that some regions might have slightly different rules for kickoffs.

     c. Good basic rules are:
          1. Left Goes
          2. Cheat on the kickoff
          3. If you're going for the kickoff, try to stall the ball in the center

2v2 Kickoff.png
2v2 Kickoff.png
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