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Rumble Tips

Everything you need to know about Rumble

Great Video To Understand Rumble Tactics:


Best Tips

Prioritize Defense
- You don't need 3 attackers
- Even sitting in the net is okay!
- Power-ups are strong enough, you might need 1 person to clean up the shot
- So many unexpected things can happen

Rotate Based on Powerup
- Rumble is a little unorthodox when it comes to rotation.
- Don't get caught up-field with an offensive powerup and the ball on your side. 
- Some powerups require you to break rotation to use them efficiently. Learn the basics of each powerup to maximize their abilities

Awareness (3).png

Learn Each Powerup
Don't waste power-ups because you don't know how to use them. Take a few minutes to learn what they do. Read below for a detailed description of what each powerup is capable of doing. 

Dispose of the Bad
If you don't know how to use a power-up or you just need a more effective one at that moment, discard them quickly. Some of the quickly disposed of power-ups are the tornado, disruptor, and swapper. But it all comes down to your comfort with each one.

Be patient with your power-ups. It's very easy to rush a shot because of the pressure. Line your shots up before booming the ball!

Awareness (2).png

Watch the Clock
If you notice the clock timer is low and you are winning: PLAY EXTRA SAFE


Not many people know there is a Rumble-specific freeplay mode. This freeplay cycles through each powerup as you use them

Rumble Freeplay.png



The Boot.png

What does it do?
Kicks the targeted opponent
When to Use?
1. On the Goalkeeper right before he saves it
2. Whenever an opponent is about the hit the ball before you
3. When someone is air dribbling
4. In a 1v1, drive the ball in, boot last guy
5. When spikes enabled in the air

Do Not Use: 
1. When someone is flying towards the goal or a direction where they want to go
2. When opponent is on the wall / ceiling / corner (little to no effect)

Effective Against: 
Magnet, Plunger, Spike, Tornado, Power Hitter

Countered By: 
Grappling Hook, Swapper

Additional Tips: 
1. Try and hit the opponent towards the corners or sides
2. Less than 1 min left, save boost and sit in net



What does it do?
Causes your opponent to boost for 7ish seconds. Also fills opponents boost to 100
When to Use?
1. Against Goalkeeper
2. Break opponents' rotation
3. Disrupt someone who is about to take a shot
4. If the opponent is going to take your boost
5. Use Instantly?

Do Not Use: 
With someone who has spikes

Effective Against: 
Haymaker, Magnetizer, Tornado

Countered By: 
Grappling Hook, Plunger, Spike

Additional Tips: 
1. If the person you boosted gets demoed, the forced boost also stops.
2. You can disrupt the disruptor by power-sliding and doing 180-degree turns.



What does it do?
Freeze ball in place. Slight intentional delay
When to Use?
1. Disables Spikes!
2. Stall the ball before their goalie is about the hit it
3. Allow time for rotation
4. Freeze ball when someone is going to score mid-air
5. When the opponent "Clears" the ball, freeze it quick to keep the ball on their side
6. When the opponent has a magnet, use it when they are in front of the ball (if not they might block your freeze)
7. SHOT Pre jump a mid-height shot, (above crossbar) freeze ball, dunk it in
8. SHOT Ball is rolling in 1 direction, freeze it and redirect it in a different direction

Do Not Use: 
Might not work against the plunger

Effective Against: 
Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Spike, Tornado

Countered By: 
Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Plunger

Additional Tips:
1. Icy Ball Bug: If you freeze the ball while the opponent is plunging, the ball will drop freely and still be iced up until someone hits it.
2. Ball will unfreeze after 3 seconds



What does it do?
Pulls you toward the ball

When to Use?
1. Great for clearing the ball when defending
2. Hitting difficult air shots to clear to clear

Do Not Use: 
1. If you are too very far from the ball. More potential to own goal if the direction changes. 
2. On offense, unless you are trying to cycle your power-up

Effective Against: 
The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Spike, Swapper, Magnetizer

Countered By: 
Haymaker, Tornado, Swapper

Additional Tips:
1. Don’t be too close to the ball when using this (unless you have to!)
2. Try air rolling into the side or corner of the ball for increased power and better aim
3. Hard to aim the ball, don't try and shoot it unless you are positive you are lined up
4. If you are on the ground when you use it, you will still have you flip
5. If you get teleported before it connects with the ball, you lose the grapple
6. Bug: If you are far moving very fast and the ball is as well, sometimes the grapple doesn't stick



What does it do?
Punches the ball, great potential to be very powerful
When to Use?
1. To put a shot on net
2. When you HAVE to be on defense
3. When the ball is going away from your car. Get a touch then use a punching bag = insane power.

Do Not Use: 
1. RECKLESSLY, if you miss your target, the ball can go ANYWHERE
2. If the ball is rolling towards you, you will have no power

Effective Against: 
The Boot, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Magnetizer, Plunger

Countered By: 
Freezer, Plunger, Spike, Swapper, Tornado

Additional Tips:
1. If the ball has momentum, this will ADD to the momentum
2. If you are going away from the ball = softer punch
3. If you are going towards the ball = harder punch
4. Sometimes the punch is not effective on spikes
5. If on defense, sit in net



What does it do?
Attracts the ball toward your car
When to Use?
1. Ball near enemy goal, drive past the ball and pull it in the net
2. Wall to Air - Roll the ball up the wall, go off the ceiling, do a flip towards the net and boost to the goal
3. Ground to Air Dribble
4. Ground Dribble: Double jump to make it less predictable
5. Close, slow saves, activate, and drive away from the net

Do Not Use: 
The ball is going very fast by you, the magnet won't attach. Don't goal-keep with the magnet!

Effective Against: 

Countered By: 
The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Haymaker, Spike, Swapper, Power Hitter

Additional Tips:
1. Multiple magnets will create a stronger pull
2. Whoever is closer with the magnet, will have more control



What does it do?
Pulls the ball towards you, can curve around the car
When to Use?
1. You are in the opponent's goal
2. Someone is about to score, pull it away from the net (only if you HAVE to on Defense)
3. Driving towards the opponent's net, pull it towards you and try to demo the goal-keeper
4. Can use it on the ceiling to pull the ball up for a rainbow shot

Do Not Use: 
If the ball is directly over you, or close to you, wait for it to get some distance from you

Effective Against: 
Disruptor, Freezer, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Tornado

Countered By: 
The Boot, Freezer, Haymaker, Spike

Additional Tips:
1. If you are plunger pulling and someone freezes, it will stop and continue to roll
2. The farther you are from the plunger, the stronger it will be
3. If you are too far away, it might "break" the cord and have no effect
4. Watch out for the opponent's "funky positioning", they might be setting up to use the plunger


Power Hitter.png

What does it do?
Everything is hit harder
When to Use?
1. Instant demos on opponents
2. Lined up goals that need a fast shot
3. Panic clears
4. Use Instantly?

Do Not Use: 
If you don't have control of the ball, uncontrollable hits can result in your own goals because of the power from the power-up

Effective Against: 
Spike, Disruptor, Magnetizer, Tornado

Countered By: 
The Boot, Swapper, Tornado

Additional Tips:
1. You can still get demoed
2. If 2 people with power hitter touch, they will both be demoed, unless 1 gets hit from behind
3. Try to use the powerup late as possible so the opponents can't predict what you are doing



What does it do?
Attaches the ball to your car on contact 

When to Use?
1. Fly into the goal - lots of spins at the end
2. Ground control 1. Drive fast, slam breaks to ball your opponents
3. Ground control 2. Be Speedy, swerve a lot, jump and spin

Do Not Use: 
1. If you are too far away from the opponent's net.
2. Do not goal-keep with spikes.

Effective Against: 
Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Spike, Disruptor

Countered By: 
The Boot - Kick both ball and opponent away
Freezer - Releases ball instantly
Grappling Hook - Knocks ball off
Power Hitter - Demo / knocks the ball off
Spike - Take possession
Swapper - Ball releases when you switch places, don't use it too late!
Tornado - Weeeeeeeee
Plunger - Pulls both ball and opponents, ball will stay attached. Slows down enemy
Haymaker - Same as above, but a punch

Additional Tips:
1. Get between 60-100% boost BEFORE activating
2. The ball falls off when contact with another car or the timer runs out
3. Ball stays stuck to wherever on the car it was hit. This can interfere with driving if your wheels cant touch the floor
4. Don't waste powerups in the first second, whoever uses spikes is invulnerable



What does it do?
Change your position on the field with the opponent
Only swap if you are the first man or if you just went for the ball

When to Use?
1. Against someone with spikes
2. Swap places with their goalie
3. Change sides of the field
4. Avoid a demo
5. Prevent the opponent from reaching the ball
6. Clear a path for your teammate to score
7. Drive on the ceiling, when almost at the top, swap

Do Not Use: 
If you are goalkeeping or the last man back

Effective Against: 
The Boot, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Power Hitter, Spike, Swapper, Grappling Hook

Countered By: 
Grappling Hook, Swapper

Additional Tips:
1. Your momentum and orientation are also swapped! Be careful!
2. If you see you are being teleported, don't use your power up!



What does it do?
Sweeps up the ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud

When to Use?
1. Clear out the opponents
2. Troll opponents
3. With practice, control the ball and move it across the field/score
4. Disrupt opponents driving route
5. Drive past the ball and fling it (watch tutorial?)

Do Not Use: 
1. Don't use it to block enemy shots towards your goal. It might curve the ball and help them score instead
2. If your team has possession/control and you are close to them

Effective Against: 
Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Spike

Countered By: 
The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Plunger, Power Hitter

Additional Tips:
1. The Tornado only affects balls and cars above or level with the tornado's car
2. If you know how to dribble, save the power-up, if you don't, waste it

I gOt ToRnAdOeD, HoW WAs i SuPpoSeD to SaVe iT?

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