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Coach: Ultimo



  • Language: English
  • Region: EU
  • Rank Zone: Bronze - GC

What to Expect:
Hi! I am Ultimo (or you can call me Ulti for short).

When I started playing Rocket League, I came across Coach Curtis who is an RLCS coach. Ever since I met him I've been getting constant coaching from him for all my years of playing Rocket League. I still remember the first time he coached me, he was surprised that I positioned backpost as a Gold 3!

Fast forward to today, I am sitting around 1500! I have been also been a part of a coaching program called the "Pacifist System" which taught me a lot of the fundamentals of Rocket League and showed me an entirely new perspective on the game.

My Coaching Style:
I have a few goals that I set to achieve in our coaching sessions.
- Firstly, decision making, I want to make you understand the different options you have in a given situation and which options are the most optimal, as well as understanding the "why" behind those decisions.

- Secondly, I want to make sure you are able to perform the most basic and fundamental mechanics of the game, such as half flips, wavedashes, kickoffs, as these mechanics are the building blocks for more advanced mechanics.

- Thirdly, improving on the more advanced mechanics so you can increase your options on outplay opponents.

The way I like to think of Rocket League is that Rocket League is a game with an invisible set rules that you have to follow in different situations to play effectively. There are also instances where you have to break these rules due to a variety of factors. I will coach you on these fundamental rules and when and where you should break them.

As for improving on mechanics, I may not have the most advanced mechanics, but I hope to build on or explain mechanics such as air dribbles, shooting, double taps, aerials, etc as I believe these are all the mechanics you need to rank up! I have thoroughly researched on how to execute these different mechanics and I hope to explain them to you as simply as possible.

How I like to do my replay reviews is using a plugin called JumpInReplay to show you exactly how I would think and move in each situation rather than just describing it. I also record all of the sessions so you can watch it back and make your own notes on them. After the sessions I will also highlight the most important points for you to work on.

Apart from replay reviews, I will be happy to play a few games with you or if you want a mechanics session we can do that too! If you have an idea of how you would like the session, I will do my best to comply with your request! The more you tell me of how you want the session to go, the more I can tailor it to you!

- Disclaimer -
1. You do not have to schedule all your sessions at once
2. You can use up to 2 tickets per month
3. You must use 1 ticket every 30 days. If I used my 1st ticket on 15 April, I have until 15 May to use my second ticket
4. If you can't make your session, you must notify the coach within 24 hours of the session start time, or else you will lose your session and not be refunded. Some specific situations may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Ultimo - 60 Minute Session

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