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Coach: Aeschylus



  • Language: English
  • Region: NAE
  • Rank Zone: Bronze - SSL

What to Expect:
I'm Aeschylus! I've been playing rocket league since December 2020; and I recently hit 1700. I've also been top 100 in extra modes. I have about 2k-2500 hours played, and another 1k in coaching :). I started as a purely gamesense player but recently I have started developing more advanced mechanics. I have improved rapidly at this game and I can teach you how to improve too!

My sessions are very dynamic and will change with what you need best.

• I can quickly go over a few replays if you aren't a consistent player
• I can take a really deep dive into one replay
• I can demonstrate in-game ideas to you
• I can visually illustrate concepts
• I can show you the best ways to train
• I will always respond to follow up questions!

- Disclaimer -
1. You do not have to schedule all your sessions at once
2. You can use up to 2 tickets per month
3. You must use 1 ticket every 30 days. If I used my 1st ticket on 15 April, I have until 15 May to use my second ticket
4. If you can't make your session, you must notify the coach within 24 hours of the session start time, or else you will lose your session and not be refunded. Some specific situations may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Aeschylus - 60 Minute Session

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