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Meet the mods

Here you can find the people behind RLH



RLH Owner

A little about me

I am from the apple state, New York! But not anywhere near the City and I am 28. My real-life career is in Occupational Therapy, fixing broken people. I love doing anything that keeps me busy, such as graphic design, woodwork, working out, hiking, and spending time with my wife. Some goals of mine are to eventually finish this Discord! Ha! But I really want to reduce my long-distance run time! 2 unique things about me are that I can do backflips on the ground and my proposal went viral with over 4m views! Some other games I play are Runescape, and rarely the other common FPS. 

I love the community and the amount of fun I have had creating the Discord over the past year! 



RLH Admin

A little about me

Hello, I'm from Belgium. I am 18 years old. My first hobby is Discord which I love spending time on. I am also a 3D artist. Or at least I try to be. My life goal is to be successful. Not having to count every penny and being fully independent is for me an important goal. Rocket League is the only game I keep coming back to. When I am ranked, I am Diamond 3 in 2s which is my main. Diamond 1 in 1s if I get ranked at least and Diamond 2 in 3s.

I am proud to say that I am a part of this community since day 1. It has been an awesome journey so far! I was surprised to know how much nice people there are on discord. And for those of you who didn't already know. I am a Discord Main.


Scott / Penguin

RLN Admin

A little about me

I am from the UK and I am 33 years old. I am a fields sales manager. I love playing video games, watching movies and going to the gym, as well as spending time with my family. My main goal in life is to create a safe and secure environment for son to grow up in and to retire before I'm 55. Rocket League is pretty much the only online game I play now, I do love single player games as well like Assassin's Creed and Horizon Zero Dawn.

I do have a guilty pleasure of playing Pokemon as well! My Rocket league rank is C2/C3. I love the RLH discord because it has such a huge amount of info, as well as a massive support network! I am more active on Facebook in RLN, as the primary admin



RLN Admin

A little about me

My name is Jessica,  I am from Texas. I am an early 30 with 3 youngins. My hobbies include; Rocket League, walking, weight lifting, swimming, Animal Crossing, and watching movies. I found RLH when it was first being built and have come back and been blown away with it.

There is so much to learn here and the community is amazing. There is always somebody to talk to, or something new to learn, and a way to be active within the community, and that is part of the RLH charm.



RLH Mod / Coach

A little about me

I go by Slewed, and I am 22 years old and live in the US. Some of my hobbies include watching anime, drawing, and playing video games. My goal in life would be just to be able to live a peaceful and comfortable life one day. A few other games I play are Diablo 3 and Warframe (MR25) and most racing games. I am c2 in 2s and 3s and don't play much 1s. I really like the core community of RLH, a good group of people. I am a discord main :)



RLH Mod / Coach

A little about me

I am 24 years old and I'm from the UK. In RL I am a Supersonic Legend. On my spare time I play Runescape and Diablo. My goal in life is to be happy and surround myself by positive energy. 



RLH Mini Mod / Coach

A little about me

Hey guys, I'm one of the younger lads of the group, I'm 18 years old and I'm from belgium.I’m a very chill and calm guy that likes helping people and I like to go carp fishing a lot.My goal in life is to appreciate what I have, and to live a simple life. I like to learn languages, I think its very cool to speak multiple languages ( I know dutch, english,and french pretty well and I can also speak some spanish, chinese(mandarin). So if you ever see me in a vc and wanna talk about stuff or learn me some new words in your language feel free to join up! I used to play a fair bit of Call of duty, some minecraft, and of course ROCKET LEAGUE! I am a GC that used to grind the game, but plays occasionally now to just have fun with friends.

The best thing about this discord for me honestly are the people. Lazord decided to create an amazing server with pretty much every rocketleague-related topic and an awesome community! I am glad I got to be a part of this server since day 1!



RLH Mini Mod / Coach

A little about me

I am from England and I am 17 years old! I currently working as a Business analyst and my hobbies include making money, no matter what I have to do. I would like to become a millionaire and I have dedicated my free time to accomplish this. I currently do a lot of designer reselling. On my free time, I support an ice hockey team and I dont really play other games! My highest rank is C1 and I love the RLH community. 



RLH Mini Mod

A little about me

Hey guys, Solur here . I'm soon 19 years old, so still in school learning how to automate our lives. Recently took a part time job as a waiter so I'm pretty busy all week :/. I love video games, mainly playing Rocket League, Apex Legends, Trackmania and a loooot of older games (Far Cry 3, Crysis etc.) I'm also interested in cars, I'm a proud owner of a black-on-black Opel (or Vauxhall for my UK friends) Astra. About Rocket League: I peaked 1470 in 2s, which is like GC1 div 3, and hit GC1 div 4 in rumble. The best things about this server are the people, always kind and helpful, and the amount of information this server contains. You won't find me in Voice channels, but I'm quite active in #just-chatting, just @me and I'm here!


Ninja Skittles

RLH Mini Mod / Event Manager / Coach

A little about me

I am from the USA (Missouri) and I am Under 18. I enjoy playing Video games but also hunting and fishing. Some Goals in Life Allow others to learn from mistakes I may have made, also to hit GC1 and maybe someday SSL. I also want to learn to be more self-sufficient and becoming a better person. Some other games I play are Minecraft, CoD warzone, and the Just Cause series. In Rocket League I have peaked C3 almost GC. 

I love that the community is so nice. I have been able to learn from many people here but I have also been able to share my experiences to help others.I would recommend this server to someone I would because of the community here. When I first joined I was only D3-C1. I have been here... about a year? I have made a lot of progress in the game and if anyone else is trying to rank up or have a community to be involved in, this is the place to go. 

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