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How to pass

Below are tips, videos, and links with descriptions of different passes. 
The passes are numbered and tell the job of the passer, receiver, and how to execute the pass. 

Passing by Rank

Bronze - Platinum
Don't even think about passing; especially if you are solo queuing

Common Mistakes:
1. Too many fundamental mistakes
2. Extremely inconsistent
3. Teammates don't have enough awareness and you will most likely give opponents possession 9/10 times
4. Not quite ready for good passing plays yet

Diamond - Champion
Kind of understand what passing is, still struggle to do it well. Back passes are the best option at this rank

Common Mistakes:
1. Not enough accuracy to line up the pass consistently
2. Approach the teammate too quickly, not giving enough space

3. Don't typically have the game sense to watch for interceptions
4. Don't typically factor in recovery time
5. Usually high-risk players at this rank; lots of over commitments after passing the ball


Grand Champion - Supersonic Legend 
Have the best understanding of awareness, risk vs. reward, and proper positioning for good execution of passes

Common Mistakes:
1. Passing too much can cause confusion with rotation
2. Still fail to have a full understanding of everyone's position before attempting to pass
3. Might not know how much boost teammates have
4. Assume someone will be in the right position

Considerations BEFORE Passing

Do I know Where My Teammates are?
Don't just hit the ball assuming your teammate is there
You might end up passing to the opponent when your teammate is out of position 

Where Are The Opponents?
Always take into consideration where the opponent is
Do not pass if they can easily intercept the ball

Will I Have Time To Recover?
Lots of passes can put you in an awkward position
Try to recover immediately, assess the play, and then decide if you should rotate back or keep pressure

How Much Boost Does My Teammate Have? 
You don't want to pass too high or too far in front if your teammate has low boost

Back Passes Can Help So Much!
If you're in a sticky situation, look back for a teammate

Is My Teammate In A Good Position?
If your teammate is NOT in a good position, either facing the wrong direction / rotating, etc. 

1. Stall for time
2. Attempt a solo play
3. Keep possession

Quick Clips on How to Execute Different Passes

Video with Tips and Scenarios

1. Side Wall Backboard

Passer: Driving on either side of the field close to the goal post with the ball on top of their car

Receiver: Centered, scoring half of the field 

Execution: Best utilized when the opponent is near post, flick the ball into the backboard / front of the post towards mid-field


3. Pass Against the
Side Wall

Passer: Facing the wall with some distance between him and the ball

Receiver: Behind the passer or centered in the middle of the field

Execution: If you are challenging the ball and you know you have the opponent beat, hit the ball towards the wall and it will bounce off the wall back into the field and easily go past the opponent.


5. Downfield Banger

Passer: Ball rolling towards you and you're on your side of the field (close to your net)

Receiver: Downfield 

Execution: Hit the ball high, between him and the net


7. JZR Flick / Over Backboard Pass

Passer: Dribbling with the ball straight at the net

Receiver: Behind the passer or somewhere in the middle of the field

Execution: When you're driving toward the opponent in a 1v1 situation, pop the ball over the net and allow your teammate to hit the rebound.


9. Backflip Pass

Passer: Driving towards the opponent, usually low boost

Receiver: Behind the passer or centered in the middle of the field

Execution: Approach the opponent's net, have the ball on the back half of your car, jump up and backflip launching the ball into the air. This will allow your teammate to come in and dunk the ball.


11. Mid-Field Cut

Passer: Dribbling up field with ball

Reciever: To the passing side of you

Execution: Cut in front the ball and pass to your side. Opponent will get balled


13. Demo Pass

Passer: Dribbling the ball towards the net

Receiver: Behind the passer or centered in the middle of the field

Execution: Shoot the ball softly into the opponent's net, go up and demo him, and have your teammate finish the shot. This is useful if you are in a 2v1 situation.


2. Pass Over Backboard Into the Ceiling

Passer: On the opponents back wall/corner with the ball rolling upwards

Receiver: Centered, scoring half of the field 

Execution: Drive FAST into the bottom side of the ball and hit it INTO the ceiling. Due to camera/positioning, this will be unpredictable for the opponent and easier for your teammate to read


4. Corner Pass

Passer: On the opponent's side, positioned clearly on the R or L side of the field, ball rolling to you

Receiver: Midfield or back half of midfield facing opponents side, must react quickly

Execution: Hit the ball high into the corner and ROTATE BACK QUICK!

This is RISKY, only do this if you know your teammate is there to receive the pass. This pass can get intercepted very easily by the opponent.


6. Pass Mid-Field - Teammate in-front

Passer: Far side of the field, bounce dribble or slow-rolling ball going upfield

Receiver: Opposite side of the field, upfield from you

Execution: Get a wide swing on the ball (bounce dribble style) and hit the ball hard upfield


8. Wall Pass
Downfield Banger

Passer: Driving up the wall, behind midfield

Receiver: On the side of / upfield from the passer, opposite side of the field

Execution: Bring the ball up the wall, if necessary, delay for time to gain awareness of the opponents and your team, and flip into the ball to pass it to your teammate.


10. Ceiling Shot

Passer: Driving up the wall to the ceiling

Receiver: Midfield, positioning to the side of passer

Execution: Take the ball up the wall, once you see your teammate, instead of taking the shot, toss the ball down to your teammate.


12. Over Backboard Pass Down to Teammate

Passer: Driving up the opponent's back wall, mimicking a doomsee dish

Receiver: Opposite side of the goal and back a little in case of a bad pass

Execution: Instead of doomsee dishing, be behind the ball and pop it out to your teammate. Be careful not to hit it over him.


14. High Corner Pass

Passer: Driving up the opponent's corner wall

Receiver: Midfield 

Execution: Bring the ball high up the wall, pop it out and jump off the wall, and flip into the ball to hit it down to your teammate. 

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