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Fundamental Tips

Quick, in-general tips for Rocket League. Need to know knowledge for improvement

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Challenging in the corners is a bad idea, especially if your teammate is already there

Keep changing the way you're training, become more versatile and lethal with many different skills

A demo is not a cheap play. It is a fair part of the game Do it

The last player on rotation should stall for time. Not challenge right away

Don't follow directly behind your teammates, especially if they have possession

If on defense, clear the ball to the corners

Learn "Far-Post Rotation"

If you're on a PC install bakkes mod


If you want to get better, make risky plays; if you want to improve your rank, play safe

Don't critique your teammates unless they explicitly ask, they get defensive and shut down. 9/10 times you are making mistakes too

Stop judging teammates in the first minute of the game. If you are harsh on your teammates, they will play worse and you will typically lose

1s will help you improve. Play to learn - not to win

Learn the fundamentals before crazy trick shots

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