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Free Coaching

It sounds too good to be true, however, it's not! We have fully qualified coaches ready to give you advice and feedback. We also provide replay analysis, mechanics training, game sense improvement, and basically anything you need!

Upload Clips in the Following Discord Channel
(Up to 60 Seconds)


Earn Server Points in the Discord:
15 points = 30 mins
30 points = 60 mins

Mark your Calendars for our Live Coaching Sessions

Check out the Upcoming Events

Turn the notifications on in 📋polls:

Twitch + Live Coaching Sessions

​Watch out for free Sessions!
🥳giveaways channel

​Ask any questions you have in this Discord Channel


The best way to get free coaching is to be active in the Voice Calls. Coaches hang out there all the time and if they are not busy, they might help you out!

Are you Champ + and want to be a coach for a great community? 

See if you have what it takes!

Learn what each of the coaches can do!

Check out their bios and learn more about what you can expect out of them

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