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Fast Aerials

Step by Step Guide on how to perform fast aerials

How To Fast Aerial Correctly

Example Video of a Good Fast Aerial


What was done right? - Sequence of Events

Jumped 1 time

Held boost at the same time as my jump

Leaned back - not too much

Let go of lean

Used my second jump

Readjusted my lean

Held boost until I reached my destination

Fast Aerial Successfully!

Training Pack: B66E-6D43-7E93-F055
Shots 1,2,3 are easy, shot 4 is hard, shot 5 is Insane

The Fast Aerial

Step 1 - Quick Start

At the Same Time - Jump, Lean Back, and Boost!

Make sure that you hold your jump! This will give you more height than just tapping it

Use the "good video" at the top and watch the overlay on the bottom left

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_9_2022 1_34_57 PM.png
Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_9_2022 1_32_54 PM.png


*WRONG* Leaning too far back



*WRONG* Jumping first, then leaning back and boosting

Not at the same time
Don't do this!


Step 2 - Second Jump

Stop leaning back -> Use the second jump
Make any aerial adjustments as needed

This should all happen as fast as possible. You can re-watch the overlay on the first video for reference
If you don't stop leaning as you perform your second jump, you will backflip. To reduce backflipping, increase dodge deadzone

The second jump should be about 0.25 - 0.40 seconds after your first jump (very quick)


*WRONG* Do not over-correct your movements, you will lose A LOT of valuable time

The ideal fast aerial will have no adjustments. The fewer, the better



*WRONG* When you fast aerial, you want your car to be STRAIGHT up and down.

Even a slight deviation like the video below can make you lose time or miss the ball


Freeplay Drills

Drill 1

If able to, set your boost to 52 with bakkes mod. If not, get close to 52 as possible and see if you can touch the ceiling. If you see sparks, you hit it!

If you get there before using 52 boost, you are not jumping and boosting at the same time - less boost is not better with fast aerials! 

Freeplay Drill Video


Drill 2

Get up and down as fast as possible! Boost and Jump at the SAME time. Lean back, not too far though. When you land, make sure you jump quickly, but not too quick, or else you will spin out.

You can even Fast Aerial back to the ground!

Freeplay Drill Video


Should You Fast Aerial?

Fast Aerial When....

Well. the quick answer is... it's situational. Apply Game sense.

If the ball is high in the air and you know you can win a 50/50 or beat the opponent

Quick Note:
Instead of using your second jump, you can save it and try for a powershot; apply the same fundamentals mentioned when learning the fast aerial

Don't Fast Aerial When....

Don't fast aerial is when the ball is uncontested and you're not going for a shot/pass

Be patient and control the ball, don't pass to the other team

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