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different roles

The 4 Roles of Rocket League. Learn them and Master when to use them. 

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The Helper

Your job is to stall for time until your teammate gets back or can help with the play again. You should use game sense and awareness to shadow defend, challenge when you see mistakes and stall for time! You should not be challenging immediately or give the opponents too much space. 


The Passer

If the situation allows, attempt to utilize different types of passes. Try not to pass if the opponent

is too close, or if it is very predictable. In these instances, you can fake a pass and try to get around the defender. Take your time and set up for a good pass. It does not need to be fast, just predictable for your teammate. If you see your teammate upfield, lob him a pass and rotate back to cover any areas that could be shot on net if the play goes bad. You do not have to pass every play, sometimes passing too much can cause people to make more mistakes or become predictable.


The Solo Player

If the situation requires a solo play, commit to your play. Don't hesitate or panic. This can cause the ball to be intercepted. Trust your teammate will position properly and if you make a mistake, he can delay time for you to get back. Only rotate back towards mid-field if you should NOT be keeping pressure. Keep pressure if you're close to the ball and make sure you don't give the opponent too much space. Once you see your teammate is ready to challenge, rotate back to midfield. Pick up small pads or mid boost, don't rotate all the way back to your net; KEEP PRESSURE. If your team loses possession, rotate; preferably far post.


The Shooter

It is your job to have situational awareness of all areas of the field. You must recognize when your

teammate is going to pass the ball to you. Keep in mind that the passer needs time to recover and should have enough space to give you a pass. Don't be too aggressive and drive towards your teammate to "make him pass". This might cause him to pass the ball to you prematurely or awkwardly; resulting in a bad pass. Keep your distance and react based on your teammate's actions. This happens ALOT. Be patient, wait for the pass. Once you shoot the ball, if you are still close to the ball, keep pressure or if are out of the play, rotate back to allow your teammate to keep pressure.

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