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Demolition Tips

Below are some tips on how you should bump and demo!

Downloadable Guide


Bumps vs. Demolitions

Ram your car into another; disorient the car temporarily


Supersonic speed collision that demolishes the opponent's car, causing them to respawn after 3 seconds

Starter Tips:

You do not have to Bump and Demo every play. Be strategic using the tips below

If utilized correctly, you will see more consistent wins while demoing

Don't be afraid or intimidated to demo, it's in the game for a reason

Mastering how to bump takes a long time, you will miss... a lot

Bumping is not a cheap play, bumping improves gameplay


The DO's and DONT's of Demolitions

Do Demo When...

Scenario 1
Remove Goalie

Demo the opponent to remove a goalie or defender

Scenario 2
Prevent Goal

Demo the opponent to prevent a player from scoring

Scenario 3
Break Rotation

Demo the opponent to break their rotation


Scenario 4
Air Dribble

Once you have mastered Air dribble Bumps, do them

Scenario 5
Solo Defender

Bump / Demo the opponent as the ball is rolling towards their net


Dont Demo When...

Scenario 1
Rage Demo

Don't demo out of anger

Scenario 2

Don't chase someone to bump / demo

Scenario 3
Not Involved

Don't demo someone who is not a threat to the play

Scenario 4
Break Rotation

Don't demo if you have to break rotation

Scenario 5
Adverse Effects

Don't demo if it will have any negative impact on the play

Scenario 6
Spawn Trapping

Don't try and spawn trap someone - You are not able to help your team

Scenario 7
Open Net

Don't demo when your teammate has an open net. The respawn can be advantageous

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