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Coaching Material

Below are some coaching tools that you can use to help the community improve!

Downloadable Guides

Replay Review.png
Coaching Key Points.png
1 2 3.png

Blank Maps

Complete Map

Grid + Boost.png

Boost Spawns

Boost Spawn.png

Numbered Grid

Field Grid.png

Blank Grid

Grid, no Numbers.png

Empty Map

Empty Map.png

Illustration Tools

Epic Pen

Epic Pen.PNG

If you are on PC, you can use this tool to help illustrate your coaching Vision

Link is:


Option 1


Can move cars more preciously
Looks better

Must Download to PC
Very Limited Features (move cars and ball)

Option 2

Whiteboard 2.PNG

Lots more features
Grid, boost, spawn resets, can see commands etc.
Don't have to download

Cars move awkwardly
Hard to line cars up for demonstrations

Know What to Look For

Main Focus: Below is a list of Main Focus points that you should use when analyzing replays or focus points with gameplay.

Game Sense

1. Shadow Defense

2. Wall Play

Stop Camping on the Walls
Staying Grounded - Less Air Plays
    Improve Wall Reads

3. Ball Chasing

4. Demos / Bumps

5. Winning a 50/50

6. Ball Prediction

Read Opponents Touches

7. Don't Over-Commit

8. Play Faster

9. Focus on Purposeful Touches

10. Positioning and Awareness

11. Review Fundamentals of Rocket League

12. Learn to Play Off Teammates Playstyle


1. Accuracy + Consistency

2. Boost Management

3. Incorporate Powerslide

4. Dribbling

5. Aerial Control

6. Fast Aerials 

7. Kickoff Consistency

8. Advanced Mechanics - Use Them or Not?

9. Improve Recoveries

10. Half Flip / Wavedash Control

11. Improve Mechanical Library


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