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1v1 Tips

Check out these tips to help you improve in 1s! 
The best part about 1v1 tips and scenarios is that you can use them for all game modes

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Tips to Win

Mistakes Lose You Games
You have to play with caution and make sure you are not too aggressive. Below are some tips to help you in-game

The best part about 1v1 techniques and scenarios is that you can use them for all game modes

Winning the Game with your Brain
Give yourself a break. Do not play 1s until your controller falls apart. The legendary Fairy Peak says he plays 6 or 7 games and then takes a 3-4 day break


In the first 1 minute of the game, you should be analyzing your opponent's play style, see how/when they challenge, kickoffs, when/if/how they flick, their boost management, defensive style, and mechanical control. You should play to learn the opponent's strategies and try to use their weaknesses against them

- For example, if they go for lots of air dribbles, sit back, let them fly, and waste their boost when they land, challenge quick and drive the ball into their net

1's can be tilting, don't let it get the best of you. If you go in with a "learning" mentality, you will not only have more fun, but be more inclined to take away something and apply it to future games. If you get frustrated, change game modes

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Mechanical Tips
Boost over Ball = NO! It only takes 2 small pads to do almost anything in the game (except air dribble). Even without boost, don't get far from the ball!

Learning how to hit the Ball with the FRONT of your car to improve power and accuracy will greatly improve your chances of scoring.

Flicks can be super effective. Learn them!


While training, practice shooting the ball from different angles and directions because you are always by yourself in 1s. If you can shoot the ball from anywhere on the field

Use your right stick to see the opponent when dribbling, during a 50/50 or a kickoff

Kickoffs - Learn them. Use the kickoff guide to your advantage. If you're a lower rank (champ or below), you don't need to master a speed flip. Unless you have MASTERED it, don't use it, you only increase your chances to make mistakes

If you can not perform a mechanic 10/10 times, you should not attempt them in ranked. Doing unnecessarily complicated mechanics for the situation and making mistakes is one of the most common reasons people get scored on in 1s

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_3_2022 7_07_55 PM.png

Awareness & Positioning

Learn when to challenge. Take advantage of your opponent's mistakes, and challenge the ball quickly. If you practice your power-slide into acceleration you can throw your opponents for a loop. Catching them off guard will help you win challenges


Aerials are Dangerous! Only use them if you know you can benefit


Don't pass the ball, maintain control. I can't stress this enough. I see it all the time, people gain possession and start playing volleyball with the opponent. Small touches will go far in 1s. If the opponent booms it to you, take your time. If you have time, use it!


Boost Management! Steal your opponents, conserve yours

Being able to understand when to challenge and react quickly will improve your ability to gain possession more frequently. Challenge quickly if you see the ball drop off their roof when dribbling.  

A Good Training Pack to turn quick and shoot is:

Demos are HUGE! Bump, Demo, Bump!

Shoot and Recover - Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to recover back to a good position for shadow defending. If you over-commit, you will concede a goal.

Always position yourself between the ball and your net.

To prevent any shots on your net during a 50/50, you should try to position your car at an angle that pinches the ball upfield

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_3_2022 6_52_52 PM.png

Visual Guide

Assume Squares 7, 8, 9 are on YOUR side, and Squares 1, 2, 3 are on your OPPONENTS' side


1. Stay Close

- You should NOT be more than 1 square away from the opponent.

Example: If the opponent is in 3, you should be in 6 or 5 ready to shadow defend. NOT 9, 8, 7, or 4. This is giving them too much space. If you somehow ended up in 2, then you overcommitted and probably will get scored on with an open net. 


2. Proper Rotation / Awareness
- If you and the opponent are in 1 and they are bringing the ball down the side towards 7, do NOT follow them. You should be picking up mini pads in 4, 5, 8, and then facing 7 utilizing far post rotation as needed.

- If your opponent is in 5, don't go to the boost pad in 9 or 7 and then try to defend in 8. You will most likely get scored on for getting boost over ball. Instead, pick up mini pads and shadow defend. 

3. Maintain Control
- The ball should never go more than 1/2 a square away from you.

Example: If you are in 9 and gain possession and then boom the ball to square 6 or 3, you lost control. Bounce dribbling and aerials can give you more space, but never more than half a square distance between you and the ball when you have control. 

RL Field Grid.png

Common Scenarios

Scenario 1.PNG

Scenario 1
Ball Drop

The opponent is dribbling, and you are shadowing; if you see the ball fall, (you know that a flick is no longer a threat) turn and either fake challenge to make him get a bad touch or fully commit to a quick 50/50

Scenario 2_edited.jpg

Scenario 2
Air Control Fail

If the opponent is going for an air shot (air dribble, bounce into air dribble, ceiling shot) and you see the opponent loses control of the ball, turn quickly to challenge the ball


Scenario 3
100% Pad = No

If you're shadow defending with low or no boost, don't go for corner boost. Pick up small boost pads as your rotate back and use all your boost efficiently to get a clear

Rocket League (64-bit, DX11, Cooked) 4_17_2022 11_53_48 AM.png
Scenario x.jpg

Scenario 4
Prevent Bump

If the opponent is going for an air dribble bump, the best way to defend this is to either jump VERY LATE or reposition your car to hit the ball from a side approach

Scenario 5.PNG

Scenario 5
Far Post

If you're on defense and the opponent is in your corner, (doomsee dish setup) try and position yourself far post as possible. Slowly close the gap between you and the opponent as they get closer to the goal. Then challenge when you know you can win. This prevents him from hitting the ball behind you and you can stop a near-post shot

Scenario 6.PNG

Scenario 9
Fake Challenge

If the opponent fake challenges you, he will most likely fully commit on the next challenge. Attempt to hit the ball around them or flick over them as you see him turn to challenge again

Scenario 6  o r 7.PNG

Scenario 6
Quick Flick

If you are on offense and the opponent is shadow defending your dribble, and you see them turn quickly, attempt to flick ASAP. Even if they fake challenge, you will most likely still get the ball past them and make the play awkward for them

Scenario 1.PNG

Scenario 7

If you are dribbling with some space, and you know the opponent has low boost, attempt to flick it over them or ground to air dribble it over them.

A flick would be better if you have low boost and an air dribble would be better for even more unpredictability. Do whatever you are more comfortable with

Scenario 9.PNG

Scenario 8
Watch Boost

If the opponent is boost starving you, utilize small boost pads and watch their gameplay carefully. If you're dribbling down the side of the field, they will most likely go for the 100% boost pad, try and shoot the ball far corner as soon as you see them commit for the 100% boost pad

Scenario 10.PNG

Scenario 10
Too Much Space

If the opponent creates too much space between themselves and the ball, turn and challenge to get a free touch

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